York Rheumatoid Artritis Support Group


Spring 2013 Issue 12 - includes feature articles: 'Pilates for those living with Rheumatoid Arthritis' by Nikki Frieslaar

Spring 2012 Issue 11 - includes feature articles:
'Margaret Escritt writes...' and The DWP information

Spring 2011 Issue 10 - includes feature articles on York Local Involvement Network (LINk) and York branch of Arthritis UK - 40 years of fundraising

Spring/Summer 2010 Issue 9 - includes feature article by
Jo Ingerson: A Scientific look at Aromatherapy

Autumn/Winter 2009 Issue 8 - includes feature article by
Tracy Land: Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diet

Spring/Summer 2009 Issue 7 - includes feature article by
Mike Stephenson on Traditional Chinese Acupuncture: its use in the treatment of Arthritis

Winter 2008-9 Issue 6 - includes feature article by
Helen Macdonald on: Managing Pain: Cognitive-Behavioural Approaches

Autumn 2008 issue 5 - includes feature article by Martin Land from The King's Fund on the National Project to Investigate Perceptions on Care for People with RA

Summer 2008 issue 4 - includes feature article by David Blore on the Tennen et al 1992 paper: 'Perceiving Control, Construing Benefits and Daily Processes in Rheumatoid Arthritis'

March 2008 issue 3 - includes feature article from the Benefits Advice take up Team, York City Council

December 2007 Issue 2 - includes feature article on the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS)

September 2007 Issue 1 - includes feature article on Arthritis Research Campaign (arc)